Friday, May 11, 2012

My Milkshake Brings All The Boys to the Yard

I CAVED! Oh no! I told myself to sit down and shut up and I just couldn't contain it anymore! I have to spit my views on the controversial new TIME magazine cover. Actually, let me rephrase that: I am NOT going to spit my views on an article that has not even ht stands yet! Until we read what the article discusses, we cannot fully judge. Instead, I'll spew my views on everyone elses' views, lol. People are PISSED off about this!

The most common views I have seen and my views ON THOSE views...(haha, confusing enough?)

1. It is not a true representation of Attachment Parenting (AP).

First of all, REALLY? I would agree that it may not be a true representation of YOUR AP, but it sure as hell is for the most part. I see it all the time. I don't see anything wrong with AP in general or breastfeeding for that matter, but I personally believe that any mother who subscribes to ONE style of parenting is not only shoving themselves into a pigeon hole, but doing it at the expense of their children. Generally speaking, AP looks very similar to this. Maybe with bigger bags under her eyes and 3 other kids pulling at her shirt, lol...but similar in idea. Suck it up asked for it.

2. The mother is just nursing her child.

The child is supposedly 3 in the photo but looks 6. A 6 year old should not be breastfed. At all. I draw the AP line. First of all, who in the hell decided that AP parenting in this manner is acceptable? For the most part, to fit inside the pigeonhole, it is a relatively new style of parenting. Sure, women in remote undeveloped countries have worn their babies for years...maybe because if they put them down a rattlesnake will get them, lol. All of the mommy's I see in the media yapping about how great it is have CHILDREN. Granted, Children is obviously a prerequisite to harping on your parenting skills, but our jobs as parents are to CREATE RESPONSIBLE, HAPPY, MATURE, INTELLIGENT ADULTS. I digress...My thoughts on BF a child into Elementary school are obvious. As far as a 3 year old that is on the cover, I just hope he is being weaned.

3. Its Disgusting.

To begin, breastfeeding is not disgusting. It is natural and the absolute best way to care for a baby. It is vital for a child in the first 6 months. Essential for 12. Great for 24 months. After that, it's all about the mother-baby bond. It is no longer their life force, their main nutritional supply. To say that you CANT breastfeed is more often than not, untrue. Some people really have serious issues breastfeeding. Most can be cured through diet and lifestyle. For those that can't it is unfortunate. I know because I told myself I couldn't BF with my first after a few months. It turns out after much research, I was wrong and should have tried harder. Breastfeeding a child that size in public is not OK. We are wasting our breath if we want to desexualize breasts. It won't happen. It's not disgusting but unless you want to be some 15 year old boy's wet dream, be discreet when possible. To shove your boobs in every ones face in public is not a clever method for promoting breastfeeding. It is a thick-headed approach to declaring that you care little about anyone else and have no regard for what is considered publicly acceptable behavior. For the mothers that breastfeed older children in public: Do you fart in public as well?

4. She's too sexy.

Wha - Wha - What?? Yes, this is true. But if the reason you are pissed off by this cover is because breastfeeding women should not be sexy, I beg to differ. I breastfeed my 7month old and plan to until he is at LEAST 1. I am at the damn gym 5 days a week. I wear form fitting clothing and am quite proud of myself for attaining 'high school' weight and figure merely months after giving birth to our son. I'll be damned if I am expected to look like a frumpa-dump bag lady just because I am a BF mom. All in all, my views are clear. Older toddler should not be nursing in public. Breastfeeding is best. Moms who BF 6 year olds are weirdos and their kids will be too. We are raising mini-adults; not children. Moms CAN be sexy! But, as far as breastfeeding a 3 year old, to each his own. The cover is provocative and I commend TIME for causing such an uproar.



  1. Love this! There was an interview posted with the Mom on the cover; Boy is about to turn four and they are weaning :)

  2. I read the article and it is mostly about Dr. Sears and how he can lose his credibility in so many different ways. Not much about attachment parents...