Wednesday, January 30, 2013

California Pizza Bitchin!


This a a mere START in the public against big-ag and the giant food industry!  While pizza is NOT the only culprit, this is great!

If a company wants to use SHIT (AKA: KNOWN carcinogens) in their food, they need to warn the public.  Like warnings on a cigarette pack.  The problem?  Most people have no idea what they are eating.  I say tell them.

The companies claim they are in strict compliance with the FDA & USDA.  They ARE!  The problem here? Those agencies are even more guilty of putting profit over public.

YES, if you dont want to eat crap, dont.  But, most people have no idea what's in the food they eat.  The ingredients list does NOT include on the label the fact that half of the ingredients are KNOWN carcinogens and REGISTERED neurotoxins!  Most people think trans fats and assume....fats.  They don't know anything about it, you hear some fats are good, some are bad.  Who's to know?

People don't have boundless hours to research every ingredient on each list in their food they eat and they certainly don't have endless time to prepare every meal from scratch while only wholesome ingredients.  We rely on the companies and government agencies who are supposed to regulate these things to keep us safe.  Putting a known carcinogen (which it IS) into our food is quite the contrary of what we are trusting these people to do.

FYI: The suit is for $5million.  Those companies wipe their asses with 5 million dollars.  Unfortunately, I see this ending quickly and quietly.

In response to another argument in the following link where a man says this case is ridiculous and compares it to eating Krispy Kreme donuts every and later developing a tumor on his head:  First of ALL: You WOULD sue them.  Would you sue Krispy Kreme for getting fat?  No!  Why?  Because everyone knows overeating leads to weight gain.  But no one KNOWS there is cancer causing shit in our food!  Oi!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

13 Things You Can Do To Squeeze Exercise Into Your Day

The number one excuse people neglect exercising is the complaint that they have NO TIME!  I am lucky enough that I am a Stay At Home Mom and I have a gym membership that includes child care, so exercising is a daily routine for me.  However, I get that most people work.  In the event that you make excuses like being too are some tips to get your ass moving!!  Let's Get Physical! 

Let's be honest....If you have time to eat, you have time to exercise!

1.  Standing Calf Raises
 Can be done: In the shower while washing your hair.  
Slowly stand up on your tippy toes, hold it for 5 seconds tensing your calf muscles, and release.  Wash, rinse an repeat.

2.  Ab Contractions
Can be done: In the car
Without taking your eyes off the road to stare at the guy picking his nose in the beat up Minivan next to you, contract your abs, hold for 5 seconds, release and repeat.

3. Kegals!
Can be done: Same as above.  
Don't get your panties in a knot.  Tighten your pelvic floor muscles while belting out the lyrics to your favorite song on the radio.  The cars next to you will never know!  (Unless you roll the window down to brag about your barely-legal tight vajayjay.)

4. Bicep Curls
Can be done: On the couch
First of all, if you have time to sit your ass on the couch you definitely have no excuses for not working out!  But, I know, I know....who wants to work out when you can stuff Cheesy Poofs into your cake hole while living vicariously through the characters of Glee?  So, indulge in your sitcoms but do so with weights in hand.

5. Squats
Can be done: While brushing your teeth
Or blow drying that head of hair that takes 40 minutes to style when you can't find 20 to work out!  While blow drying or combing your hair, squat into a 'seated' position.  Be careful not to push your knees over your ankles.  Instead, stick that ass out Kardashian style like you're passing wind in a midgets face.  

6. Crunches
Can be done: While playing on The floor with your little ones.  
So long as you are on the floor, your little rugrats will likely not care what you are doing.  Most kids just want us close enough to them.  In fact, they will likely challenge you by climbing all over you!  Bonus points for bear hugs while crunching!

7. Planks
Can be done: during TV commercials
Again with the TV; If you have time to watch your favorite shows you have no excuse not to work out.  Keeping your body in a straight line, get into the 'top of a push up' position.  Hands below shoulders, butt aligned and not dropping or folding you into a V.  Stay in that position for 5 long breathes.  Work your way up to Planking for an entire commercial break.  Make it tougher, put your forearms on the ground.  Don't be guilty of ingesting platefuls of lard while mindlessly watching the Biggest Loser.

8.  Running/Jogging
Can be done: From your car to the store, or any other location
If you were late to work or late picking your kids up from soccer practice your ass would be running, right?  So, make like a bandit and run from place to place.  Getting your heart rate up is good for the ticker.  If you feel stupid, glance at your watch often.  ;)

9.  Leg lifts
Can be done: from office chair
While sitting in your cubicle daydreaming about stapling your boss's testicles to his cheek, you can work on your core strength and lower abs.  While sitting in your chair, lift both legs at the same time, extending them fully.  Raise as high as you can under your desk, just past your comfort level, engaging your core muscles to raise them together without bending.  Lower and repeat.

10.  Lunges
Can be done: while picking up toys and your husbands dirty socks around the house
Worried about looking stupid?  You can look stupid lunging around the house from room to room or you can really worry about looking stupid when swimsuit season rolls around.  Instead of walking from room to room, spend 10 minutes or more a day of lunging.  Your legs, hips and lady lumps will thank you.  

11. More squats!
Can be done: while folding laundry
Who doesn't want a perfectly round apple bottom?  Instead of moping about laundry, turn on some music and squat to it!

This has nothing to do with anything but was the first thing google pulled up when Laundry Squats was searched for.  It made me laugh.  ;)

12. Dancing
Can be done: before, during and after showers....or while playing with your kids...or whenever the mood strikes you.
Turn up the volume on Pandora and shake your ass while combing your hair, getting dressed, looking for matching socks....just dance!  It's fun, it feels good and its good for you!

13. Dips
Can be done: In the kitchen
Don't stand around letting the radiation billowing out of the microwave fry your body on a cellular level, dodge those rays by doing dips using your counter tops   Turn with your back to the counter and place both hands, elbows bent, on the counter.  Move your feet forward a DIP BABY DIP!

There.  No More Excuses!