Monday, July 9, 2012

Kid 'Sushi'

Summer is here.  The kids are out of school.  For a Stay At Home Mom, that means lots of activity and meal planning.  While I certainly don't have time to do exciting kid friendly recipes every day, planning something fun each week is a blast.  When kids help cook or prepare food, it not only makes the food more appetizing to them, they can learn other things like order of operations, measuring, following directions and its a great sensory experience for them.  Last week, we made kid-friendly sushi.  Fish-free, kid tested and approved. 

It helps to have a sushi rolling mat.  Use step stools for kids at the counter or do it at the table so they can be hands-on.  We used green spinach tortillas to mimic the green seaweed of sushi. 

Lay the green tortilla on the sushi mat and smear with peanut butter or any other natural/organic nut butter. 

Kid-Friendly Sushi

1 green tortilla
Peanut Butter
Bananas, sliced lengthwise
Strawberries, sliced (or other berries)
Apples, sliced julienne style
Agave Nectar (optional)
Sesame seeds (optional)

Spread peanut butter (or other organic nut butter) over the tortilla.  Let kids stack up fruits and raisins along the bottom half.  Use sushi mat to roll up tightly, use finger to smear on a very light coat of agave on top and roll in sesame seeds.  Cut using a serrated knife.  Let kids experiment with using chopsticks.  (if old enough not to poke eyes out!)  =)

Use mashed potatoes instead of peanut butter for a dinner roll.  Use green onions and marinated bacon flavored tempeh inside. 


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