Monday, August 27, 2012

21 reasons NOT to circumcise. Just Sayin...

I am saddened and horrified by the new statement released by the American Academy of Pediatrics calling for health insurance to cover circumcision and informing parents that the "benefits outweigh the risks" in male infant circumcision.  I am aware that this topic can ruffle a lot of feathers, but there are only 2 reasons to circumcise:

A) You are Jewish and believe cutting off a part of your son's body will get him into heaven.  I disagree, but I get it.  Penis Vs Heaven = 1 for Heaven.

B) You are not educated about the subject because clearly any parent that takes the time to truly research this decision would not choose to do so.

Circumcision is just another corporate money maker that proves our country is far behind others ethically.  Most other countries don't allow half of the shit the US does and it is all based on profit.  The additives in food that are banned elsewhere.  The mainstream hospital child birthing.  And now this.  While I personally believe circumcision is terrible and should be outlawed, I do accept that this will never happen for religious reasons.  I do, however, advocate that it should be banned unless a parent has a religious exemption because we will be unsuccessful arguing with ancient religious traditions. 

In addition, many 'intactivists' can be a little hard to swallow, as while they have great intentions, you won't get anyone to jump the fence unless you provide an adequate argument.  Providing a good argument means being able to justifiably refute any argument they may have for it.  And so it goes...

Reasons Not to Circumcise

1.  Although the AAP did release that statement, they are still not considering it a recommendation for routine circumcision.  In addition, no national medical organization in the world recommends routine circumcision of male infants.  Well...give the AAP time...

2. It is painful.  Very painful.  No anesthetic has been proven safe and effective in infant circumcision, so none is used. 

3.  A baby spends 9 months growing inside of a womb int he fetal position.  It is no surprise after delivery that most want to be swaddled and held close while they slumber on mom's chest in the fetal position.  Nothing is more unnatural than forcing a newborn infant baby to be strapped to a board (aka Circumstraint), with all 4 limbs spread out and his groin lifted higher than the rest of his body.  It is traumatizing.

4.  The argument about doing it to a baby because they won't remember it is bunk.  A) Some do suffer trauma afterwards which can also affect breastfeeding.  B) The pain is no less for a baby than it is for a man.  A baby may not remember but the difference: a man can be anesthetized.  Claim that a grown man shouldn't have to undergo the pain of circumcision?  But allow it to happen to a baby?!?  Asinine.

5.  A grown man should be able to decide for himself is he wants an intact penis or a circumcised one.  Give our sons the choice.

6.  Infants die each year from circumcision complications.  The risk for infection is well over 30% as well.  I know personally of several moms who have had to take their sons in to have them 'redone'. 

7.  There is ZERO risk with complications if it doesn't get done at all.

8.  It can negatively impact a grown man's sex life.  #1.  You are, for sure, cutting the skin that allows for growth.  Smaller penis anyone?  (Wait..OK..there are some men who should definitely do this.  NO one should have a foot long penis.  Ow.  jk...kinda)  #2. It acts as natural lube.  #3.  The foreskin enhances sexual pleasure.

9.  Argument: It looks silly.  A) For women, what's hiding inside of your underwear ain't much prettier.  Folds?  Labia?  Inner?  Outer?  There's so much going on down there, you're really going to be that narrow minded to care about what a flaccid penis looks like?  B) They are pretty much the damn same when fully erect.  So, get over yourselves.  C) For men, if you want a circumcised penis, that is your right as a grown man.  Not as a baby.

10.  Do you really think your adult or teenage son is going to sit around a jerk circle with his father?  Gross.  He does not give a shit what his dad's penis looks like.  Trust me.  If he does, commence serious psychological counseling immediately.  Girls, do you sit around and wonder if your beaver meat looks like your mothers?  Effing gross.  No one wants to think about their parents naughty bits, so using that as a reason to cut off a part of your baby's natural body is inexcusable. 

11.  MYTH: An uncircumcised penis is not hygienic.  TRUTH: The natural 'juices' of the penis are called Smegma.  I'm not going to lie...that word alone sounds gross.  However, it is not cottage cheese and is a natural part of the lubrication of a natural penis.  If a boy or a man has a penis 'funk' problem, he does not have a penis problem.  He has a hygiene problem.  You teach your boys to wash themselves properly, which in and of itself is easy and they won't have that problem.  Girls have smegma too.  Have you been down there lately?  Natural excretion. That's all Ive got to say.

12.  MYTH: If I don't circumcise my son, he is at great risk for HIV.  TRUTH: First of all, the studies conducted on this were done in a location in Africa where the HIV risk is super effing high anyways.  The studies are seriously flawed and other studies found exactly the opposite to be true.  Having a foreskin is not going to make you susceptible to contracting HIV.  Being promiscuous, sharing needles and not protecting yourself will. 

13.  The foreskin is not a defect.  Whether by design or by evolution, it is there for a reason.  We are not born with 'extra' body parts.  This includes the foreskin.

14.  Circumcised men have far more chaffing issues.  The foreskin has a purpose and one of those is to protect the glans of the penis. 

15.  The majority of men worldwide are, in fact, intact.  Your boy is not going to be a weirdo for having a natural penis.  He will be normal.  Really.  Look at the stats.  Its true.

16.  Removing the foreskin does not prevent diseases.  Plain and simple. 

17.  As a parent, our job is to protect our children.  Forcing a baby to undergo an unnecessary procedure that proves to have no real medical benefit, is, in fact genital mutilation.

18.  It's really no different than female circumcision, except that somehow infant male circumcision has the illusion of being mainstream.  Would you circumcise a female?  I bet she would certainly suffer less yeast infections and vaginitis that way.  Then, you could reduce her sexual sensitivity and make it 'pretty' at the same time. 

19.  If we are going to remove body parts on the assumption that they will be at greater risk for disease in the future, I think it would be a great idea to also remove an infant female's breast tissue.  Then, no more worries!  Maybe we could remove her cervix as well since cervical and breast cancer are far more rampant than penile cancer.  Then, maybe an ingenious doctor could do a full skin transplant with an artificial epidermis to avoid ever having skin cancer.  See where Im going with this?  Its just silly.

20.  There are PLENTY of doctors that oppose circumcision.  No, the one performing your son's will not be one of them.  Seek opinions from both before agreeing to having a part of his body removed. 

21.  Finally, because you love your boy more than you love a penis, no matter what.  His body.  His choice. 

Let me add that I do NOT think condemning people for the choices that they make is a good way to go.  The media and doctors greedy wallets want you to believe otherwise, but there is 100% NO reason to circumcise and deciding to do so, knowing the facts, does make me cringe.  HOWEVER, plenty of people do circumcise without even thinking about it because its what they know or have been told, or they assume 'daddy is', so should my son.  This does not make those moms bad moms.  I have a good friend who circumcised her first boy before she became educated.  She struggled with having 2 boys with different penis', but ultimately decided to leave her second son intact.  When you know better, you do better; And it takes a big person to admit that they may have made a mistake.

I don't judge my friends with circumcised boys.  I can only assume they were not given the facts.  After all, it's not a pamphlet handed out by delivery doctors. 

If you disagree, I challenge you to name one valid argument for it. 


  1. My husband insisted on it so we did it. I insisted that they use EMLA cream. Not sure how much it helped, but it was something. They felt that a needle anesthetic would ahve been more painful than the procedure.

  2. But yeah, I didn't see a reason to do it and tried everything I could to persuade him otherwise.

  3. Love it! My sons never noticed that they are different from their Dad. We finally decided it was time to explain it to them a little bit more, and they felt terrible for him that he had a part removed. They are happy to have their whole penis. So while none of the reasons make much sense, that one has always been a real mystery to me. I think it is just all about protecting Daddy's ego.

    1. It means so much when I see cut dads championing for their sons to remain intact. Good for you! =)

  4. Couldn't agree more. What a cruel, sadistic practice. Our society frowns upon cultures that practice female circumcision. What's the difference?

  5. A foreskin doesn't enhance sexual pleasure since foreskin is natural. To say it enhances it implies it's an optional addition, but it's simply the natural state. Additionally, the foreskin doesn't merely enhance sexual pleasure, it is where virtually all sexual sensation originates. The glans penis is barely sexually sensitive at all; apart from a light scattering of meissner's corpuscles on the corona, it's, in the grand scheme of things, sexually insensitive. The glans is primarily a protopathic sensor, i.e. senses temperature, pressure and pain.

    Male circumcision is at least as sexually damaging as type 2 FGM. Many uninformed, gynecocentric people think that FGM is like cutting off the penis. This is incorrect. The glans clitoris and the glans penis are anatomical homologues but are not sensory equivalents. The encapsulated nerves and stretch-receptors that are in the vulval mucosal tissues, clitoris and clitoral hood/labia virtually all reside in the foreskin. In my case, without my consent, at 14 yrs of age, I had most of my foreskin chopped off, along with my frenulum/frenular delta (the male G-spot) and ridged band. This is an ablation of all the tissue that allows orgasm during sexual intercourse. This is why it's impossible for me to ejaculate in most sexual positions, e.g. missionary. I can feel no sexual sensation at all and had to adapt a masturbation technique that would allow me to ejaculate (not an orgasm now , as it's far far weaker). I have to apply a lot of friction/speed and pressure to the area where the frenulum/frenular delta used to be. It's a complete sexual destruction and has caused me erectile dysfunction due to the absence of the specialised erogenous tissue that allows one to get very hard erections and maintain them.

    I am the victim of medical negligence. Neither my parents nor I provided informed consent. I had a 'tight foreskin', but I found out later that tight foreskins NEVER necessitate circumcision. In fact, pretty much all 'therapeutic' reasons given by doctors to circumcise are either ignorance or lies. The only time a man's foreskin would possibly need excised would be in last case scenarios, e.g. cases of flesh-eating bacteria or gangrene or frostbite.

    I disagree with your analysis of the situation. Religion is no excuse for violating a child's right to genital integrity. Many muslims regard FGM as Islamic and yet Western liberals are perfectly willing to stand up against this. Why the double standard? You do not need to be circumcised to be Jewish or muslim. Religion is a go to excuse to justify atrocities. People need to move with the times. If it wasn't for the politically correct brigade and their tolerance, this would be regarded as assault and child abuse. It's the worst form of rape and ruined my life.

  6. Oh and British girls won't want to sleep with you - don't know about other nationalities but over here we like our men to a) enjoy sex and b) not be mutilated - very weird and very disturbing trend, feel very sorry for American boys who will seemingly get mocked if they look normal :(

  7. Great piece of information!
    People have been blinded to this unnecessary surgery.
    It is madness to remove healthy genital tissue.
    Thank you~

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