Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yummy Earth Product Review

Wow, it's been a while since I've blogged.  I have had quite a summer.  Since Addison starts kindergarten next week and we won't be able to just 'up and go' whenever we please anymore, we made it a point to travel as much as we could.  This summer took us to Miami, Austin TX, Kansas City, Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Chicago, Great Falls MT and back to south FL in my hometown.  During our 2 long vacations of 10 days each, we got news at the end of each that a close loved one passed away, making this a very eventful, fun and sorrowful summer all rolled into one.  That said, I totally forgot after doing the Yummy Earth giveaway that I was supposed to write a product review for them!

It is no surprise I hate refined sugar, HFCS and other artificial shit that companies like to load into their food supply. And while plenty of parents who are 'healthier' than I think I'm terrible for allowing my kids to consume sugar at all, I say....THEY ARE KIDS.  I am not going to make my own children outcasts while their friends guzzle down Halloween sweets and birthday party goodies.  I will, however, switch their candy for a more favorable option.  As long as I can help it, my children will not eat artificial crap.  After trick-or-treating, I trade my daughters candy out for better options that I've purchased.  Santa also has a 'dairy allergy' by the way, and the Easter Bunny wouldn't dream of leaving milk chocolate bunny turds behind. 

This is why I was thrilled when Yummy Earth contacted me to send me samples of their candy.  I had tried many of their products before and we LOVE them here.  I don't eat a lot of candy, but I am a personal fan of their organic hard candy mints.  Since I quit chewing gum a few years ago, I still crave something minty-fresh every so often and when I do, I reach for one of theirs.  The organic lollipops make the perfect bribery tool for my daughter, who eats them like, well...candy. 

The lollipops are made with real fruit extract and are organic.  For only $5.99 you can get a bag of over 50 pops in flavors like Wet-Face Watermelon, Mango Tango and Googly Grape.  They also make gummy bears, mints and other hard candies. 

So....go buy some.  They are the perfect go-to treat for the kiddos.

Check them out on facebook here.  =)


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