Wednesday, January 30, 2013

California Pizza Bitchin!


This a a mere START in the public against big-ag and the giant food industry!  While pizza is NOT the only culprit, this is great!

If a company wants to use SHIT (AKA: KNOWN carcinogens) in their food, they need to warn the public.  Like warnings on a cigarette pack.  The problem?  Most people have no idea what they are eating.  I say tell them.

The companies claim they are in strict compliance with the FDA & USDA.  They ARE!  The problem here? Those agencies are even more guilty of putting profit over public.

YES, if you dont want to eat crap, dont.  But, most people have no idea what's in the food they eat.  The ingredients list does NOT include on the label the fact that half of the ingredients are KNOWN carcinogens and REGISTERED neurotoxins!  Most people think trans fats and assume....fats.  They don't know anything about it, you hear some fats are good, some are bad.  Who's to know?

People don't have boundless hours to research every ingredient on each list in their food they eat and they certainly don't have endless time to prepare every meal from scratch while only wholesome ingredients.  We rely on the companies and government agencies who are supposed to regulate these things to keep us safe.  Putting a known carcinogen (which it IS) into our food is quite the contrary of what we are trusting these people to do.

FYI: The suit is for $5million.  Those companies wipe their asses with 5 million dollars.  Unfortunately, I see this ending quickly and quietly.

In response to another argument in the following link where a man says this case is ridiculous and compares it to eating Krispy Kreme donuts every and later developing a tumor on his head:  First of ALL: You WOULD sue them.  Would you sue Krispy Kreme for getting fat?  No!  Why?  Because everyone knows overeating leads to weight gain.  But no one KNOWS there is cancer causing shit in our food!  Oi!


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