Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Are you there world? It's me, Megan...

I am feeling very enlightened today.  There is so much I want to blog about today I can't keep it all straight in my head.  Digestion, Vitamin D, Radiation, This new magazine I'm reading that is A-Mazing!, Cancer, How the FDA and USDA are even worse than Wal-Mart, How my daughter just asked me, "Mom, is that healthy poop?", pointing at her most recent bowel movement chilling in the ceramic throne....Instead, this is what I've got:  (Blog to follow immediately with yummy dessert recipe, completely irrelevant to the forthcoming rant.)

You know how when people set out to do something meaningful, they always say, "...If I could just change one person's mind", or "...If I only influence one person, it all would have been worth it."?  Well...that's just not good enough!  I study nutrition daily as if I'm studying for a test.  It is my passion and my life to be healthy, help my family to be healthy and make healthy choices and to educate people about nutrition and diet and all of the things that are wrong with our health care system and environment.  ONE PERSON is just not enough!  If I am only able to convince one person to look at food differently, I failed.  How we are living is literally killing us.  It breaks my heart that in the past month or two my husband and I have literally heard from almost twenty friends and family members afflicted with life-threatening diseases.  Lou Gehrig's Disease, Diverticulitis, Stroke, Heart Disease, Bone Problems,  Diabetes, Breast Cancer, Colitis, Prostate Cancer and a half dozen other types of cancer.  We all all affected by it and no one is doing anything!  Even if you think it's all tree-hugging hippie shit, ISN'T IT WORTH IT TO TRY????  What will it hurt?  Nothing!  What could it potentially help?  Everything! 

My husband knew I was right but It's hard to make a drastic change, if any change at all.  That was, until he received phone call after phone call for almost two months where he was confronted personally with friends who are now afflicted with diseases at young ages!  It's been a little weird.  Really, as of very recent, many many friends of ours have been diagnosed with life-threatening dieases or diseases that are causing them to lose the use of some limbs and others that are requiring our friends to undergo expensive treatments that may or may not work and will likely leave them in worse shape.  My heart breaks that so much information is hidden from us and that we suffer these afflictions wondering "how did this happen to me?"....when all along we could have controlled it.  But we don't because we only know what we know.  And generally speaking, we just don't know.

Did you realize that these diseases are ONLY commonplace in Western countries?!?  It is NOT hereditary or genetic.  Science has already debunked that.  In Eastern countries where diets contain only minimal amounts of animal protein and exponentially larger portions of fruits and veggies, diseases like the ones we face daily are NOT common.....BUT when those same people, with no history of disease or cancer migrate to America with McDonalds on the corner, they actually develop the same Western disease we get and their future generations do as well!   The only thing hereditary about Cancer and Heart Disease is Our EATING HABITS!
OK....I got my rage off my chest a little.  My point is I want to educate people and I will not stop after only reaching one.   It is too important.   I have too much passion in me. 

My entire life has been preparing me for my 'calling' but I ignored it over and over until recently.  It occurred to me the other day that I have always been a health nut and an eco-freak and had compassion towards animals.  When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I started a neighborhood club to 'Save the Earth'.  Granted, there were only 3 of us and 1 was my sister, but I was passionate about it.  I was a health nut my entire life, although I thought being healthy just meant counting calories and working out.  The only club I participated in, in high school was the Ecology Club.  I donated my allowance to the Save The Whales Foundation as a kid after seeing Free Willy.  I literally did reports on different animals in middle school for fun.  It was not homework.  I just wanted to learn more about them.  While working in child care, I organized the kids to adopt a manatee.  For my Girl Scout Gold Award in high school (Yes, yes...I was a freaking Girl Scout....I had my reasons...lol) I organized a beach clean-up.  The Michael Jackson song about saving the world makes me tear up a little every time I hear it.  I was referred to as a hippie most of high school.  I non-so-secretly believe I was at Woodstock and may have been Jerry Garcia's guitar or Jimmy Hendrix's headband in a former life.  My whole life has been pointing me in this direction and I'm finally listening!



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