Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Must Read: The China Study

In a well controlled study on lab rats, doctors were actually able to turn cancer OFF and ON like a light switch with protein.  Animal subjects were injected with a known carcinogen, aflatoxin, then divided into 2 groups. One was fed a diet of 5% animal protein.  The other, 20% animal protein.  (Just so you know, we Americans eat about 20% of protein.  Think about it: your ham and cheese sandwich smeared with mayo is almost all protein.)  Basically, the rats fed a 5% protein diet were fine.  The 20% group had growing amounts of precancerous cells.  This study was done in several ways to make it accurate, if not perfect.  Rats were then injected with far greater amounts of aflatoxin, and so on.  Each time, the same held true: The animal protein fed to the rats caused the rats to develop cancer.  However, the same was NOT true for plant based protein.  AND, when rats fed high protein diets with growing cancer were switched to a low protein diet, the cancer cells would go away!  Can you believe it?  Literally turning cancer off and on!  (This study and more like it can be found in one of the most amazing books ever written, The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell)


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