Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello, Im Gray...

OK....So I'm not really vegan.  I eat fish on occasion and I eat honey....and maybe a few other things that wouldn't be considered "vegan enough".  Thing is, I am a firm believer that pretty much everything in life is NOT Black or White.  It's Gray.  I'm Gray.  In every aspect of life, I find happiness and balance in the Gray.  My Gray IS my Black or White. 

I eat the way I wholeheartedly believe we are meant to.

This is a brief explanation of why I eat the way I do.  My apologies to any animal rights Black and Whiters.  I eat the way I genuinely believe we were born to.  Whether by evolution or design, our bodies are perfect machines.  With proper care, we can allow our machines to live long, healthy, happy lives that far exceed the average American.

We eat shit.  Really, we do.  By the definition of food, we eat like crap.  The Standard Amercian Diet (SAD) is a punishment to our perfect machines.  People who think 'health' more often than not, think about FAT, CALORIES, TRANS FATS.  These have become our 4-letter words.  Here's the brief: Technically speaking, living things fall into 2 categories.  Remember this from grade school?  Plants and Animals.  We are animals.  In the animal kingdom, carnivores have mouths full of sharp teeth meant for tearing apart flesh and meat.  Herbivores have mouths full of blunt teeth for chewing plants.  We have TWO canine teeth.  Count them.  Two.  This rule goes for every food consuming living thing.  Thing is, we humans have developed methods to kill and process meat and flesh so that we can consume it.  So, we do.  Our bodies were NOT meant to consume meat like we do.  Thing is: We DO have 2 canine teeth, which are made for meat-eating.  This can only mean one thing: Our bodies are made to eat only small quantities of meat.  I choose to eat certain fish to satisfy this. 

Another reason for consuming meat on occasion is this: After studying veganism and vegetarianism for years now, they all have great valid points that I generally concur with.  However, most health gurus all share the same thought: Vitamins and minerals are best absorbed through the food that we eat and vitamin supplements are not natural (They're NOT!).  There's tons of evidence proving this but we wont get into that now.  BUT - Since Vitamin B12, a vital vitamin necessary for us, is really only found in meats and fish.  So, these people who swear supplements are bad, agree that B12 is the only vitamin they take daily.  WHAT?  It's not all black and white!  Live in the Gray - Eat meat and/or fish 1-3 times a week.  BUT - and this is a BIG BUT - To live optimally, ONLY eat grassfed beef, free to hormones and pesticides and nitrites and ONLY eat fish considered low in mercury (the smaller the fish, the lower the mercury). 

Now, another reason for NOT consuming meat -  Ill blog about it another time...but again, we are not meant to eat meat all of the time.  The bile and acids in our stomaches are very different from that of carnivores and are actually more like that of herbivores.  Our bodies cant break it down.  Plain and simple. 

And Honey - I'm sorry, Vegans: I respect the Vegan Lifestyle and Philosophy, but I will not subscribe to the idea that bees have feelings and we are hurting them by consuming honey.  Do you have any idea HOW HEALTHY raw honey and bee pollen is??!!?  SO Healthy.  Google it.  Ill blog about it another day.  Its the circle of life.  No, I do not believe in killing innocent animals for food and slaughtering so many cattle that it seriously threatens our life on earth, but I do believe that to live optimally with the earth and ourselves, a little meat/fish here or there is good for us.  Live a little.  Be Gray.

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  1. Hi Megan, it's Stacey McCastlain.
    I can't sleep so I've been reading your blog all night. So I have a few things to say. 1) I love your balanced way of looking at things. The b12 thing baffles me too. I have pernicious anemia which can be developed by never getting b12 over a period of years(which I'm guessing you know all about). Not how I got it,but anyway. 2) You are so funny 3) I sincerely hope we are not the pink princess drama queen clan. :) 4) It was fun hanging out with you some this week. 5) I promise not to stalk your blog at midnight again. I know it makes me seem weird. Goodnight.