Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Year, New Me!

One tradition my husband and I started several years back when we were married was to literally write down our New Years Resolutions.  We bought 2 journals, only to buy another later for our daughter Addison and we will be buying one more for our son, Jonah.  Addison got to write in hers for the first time this year.   After discussing resolutions she decided that this year she would more willingly try new foods and try not to be so shy in school.

Journaling resolutions is an excellent way to really see how far you've come.  We don't just set the typical, 'get healthier' goals.  We set many attainable goals and strive to complete each one.  Then, we can journal about how we did it, ect.  My husbands generally involves making more money, which, lucky for me, he has always achieved.  Mine are a bit more personal. 

This year they include:
1. Play more games with Addison (not gonna lie...this generally bores the shit out of me.  But I love her and I'll gladly suffer boredom to appease her.)

2. Write more letters and journals for the kids.  (I have a journal for Addison that I began when she was born.  It started with the story of how her daddy and I met and how she came to be...without all of the inappropriate birds-n-bees details, of course. Then, time went by.  I got busy.  Journals turned into a book of Addisonisms; You know, the funny things that comes out of your childs mouth and makes you think 'what the f*ck did she just say?'.  I still forget to write them down sometimes and it drives me crazy.  I hope to do better this year.)

3. Rekindle old friendships.  Although I may have cussed my friends in the past for being assholes, I guess it just occurred to me that friendships really are TWO way streets.  I'm just as guilty as they are for not making enough effort to see each other.  Well, almost... 

4. To host a vegan dinner party to sample my favorite original recipes.  Also, to host at least a couple vegan potlucks locally.

5. Read at least 1 book per month - and not ONLY health related.  I am a sucker for a good non-fiction in-your-face health report, but I need to get out of my head a little and enjoy some good fairytales.  Right now I'm reading a new book by Jenna McCarthy.  (JennA - Not JennY)  Its ridiculously funny and is making me appreciate my husband a little more, since it appears that it may be true that all guys are the same, lol

6. Start an organization.  I dream of starting an organization to educate people.  I want to donate books like The China Study to local high schools.  I want to start a scholarship fund for kids who have read The China Study (or will for college $$).  Living in podunk Polk County is not like where I grew up in a typical south FL beach town.  Its redneck.  Its tobacco chewing trailer park capital of the country.  (Or close.)  When I went mostly veg, I influenced many other people to do the same or at least to start thinking more deeply about what they shove into their faces.  If I can influence a handful of people, then they can too, and it multiplies.  I want to educate someone who is clueless, that will, in turn, possibly educate someone else.  I will do this with college scholarships.

7.  I want to run a 5k.  I'm sure I can do more and although I run almost daily for several miles, I've never ran a race and I generally don't like people enough to force myself to hang around a slew of them.  If I like it, I may do more. 

8. Further my education and begin earning certifications and credentials.  I am always learning and I don't claim to know everything (although my husband will tell you different).  However, I am sick and tired of podunk assholes acting like I read one article and think I know it all.  A friend once told me if you study something enough, you are bound to be good at it.  Like practice makes perfect.  Well, my entire life I've studied health to some degree but as of 3 years ago I really buckled down and found out that health was not about calories, pounds or points.  I now want the credentials to back up my endless blubbering so maybe I will be taken more seriously.  Likely, I will get my certificate in plant based nutrition, become a personal trainer and begin working on becoming a certified nutritionist.  Wish me luck!

9.  As of yesterday, I have added a new resolution to my list.  I hope to veganize at least 20 of Paula Deens most loved recipes.  I love a challenge!

Thats it for now.  Be on the look out for my next post about that darling Southern Belle, what I think about her (not that you care) and at least 1 recipe of hers gone vegan.  =)

Also, be on the look out for Kris Carr's ebook, coming out soon, where one of my juice recipes is featured.  =)

Happy New Year!


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