Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Party In the City Where the Heat is On

Just got back from vacation last night and today is Moving Day!  After weeks of hard work my blog has moved from its original location to our new home with a new look! 

A lot of exciting things are happening!  My facebook page is up to almost 10k!!  Im trying really hard to write my ebook of organic and fresh cocktails made withOUT premixed crap and inspired by fruits and veggies - all without being hungover daily.  ;)  Here's a sneak peek below!  I have been contacted my a number of people lately for interviews and companies wanting me to try their products...I hope they've read my blog and know Im brutally honest!  Anyhow, a lot is going on and I have some great informative blogs coming up as well. 

I took the weekend to vacation in Miami and visit family in my old stomping ground of Ft Lauderdale.  During the road trip down there, I stopped at Christophers Kitchen in Palm Beach Gardens.  I had the Raw Tacos and the Tomato Basil Trio, which consisted of a light 'cheese' spread on raw flax crackers topped with...you guessed it!  Tomato and Basil!  The food was pricey, as are most raw restaurants and not a place youd want to go if your wallet is a little tight that week, but the staff was friendly ( a comfort considering the general public in south FL) and the food was really excellent.  Although they did not fill me up, they were really delicious and easy to eat in the car! 
After checking into our hotel and dropping the kids off with my amazing friend, it was off to Sublime with my husband and in-laws.  I've been there once before and loved it so much I had to go back.  It was unlike any vegan restaurant I have ever been to.  It does not display the fact that its vegan on the marquee, which is a great way to 'bait and switch' the many ignorant people who would otherwise pass it by based soley on the term.  While most vegan restaurants are hippie-dippie hole in the walls with local artwork adorning the interior and funky music playing overhead, Sublime is an upscale restaurant that makes you feel like you've just walked into a chic New York restaurant, mood lighting, phenomenal luxury decor and a layout like no other, making even your table in the middle of the restaurant feel like your own private den.  The prices can be steep, especially for the drinks, which will set you back about $10 for each one.  If you want to try everything, as in, order drinks for 2, meals for 2 and at least one appetizer, you're looking at spending $100-125 per couple.  Some of the meal prices are actually relatively good.  Between my husband and I we ordered: The Frito Misto (which is almost like vegan sweet and sour chicken...with cauliflower.  It.  Is.  Divine.), a bowl of the daily soup (Broccoli), Broccomoli Dip, Dynamite Roll, Thai Pizza, Mushroom Ravioli, 2 beers and 2 Mojitos and a side order of Mac N Cheese to go.  I think we spent about $125, not including tip.  Looking at that list, $125 doesnt sound bad at all, huh? 
Thai Pizza


SUBLIME interior - Very posh!
 The last stop was My Choices Vegan Cafe.  After our long day of sunbathing and snorkeling at the beach, I ordered the Chipotle Walnut Wrap, the Quesadilla and The Thinner Mint smoothie.  Hands down, excellent food.  The smoothie was delicious!  I'm dying to recreate it!  It tasted like chocolate mint but was loaded with spinach!  Sooo good!  Unfortunately, this is the one restaurant I didn't get any pictures of because I was SO hungry, I shoved it in my face so fast, there was no capturing its beauty on digital film before I annihilated it.  :)  The other meals I saw the kitchen produce to the waiters was mouthwatering as well and almost made me order more. 

Its really hard to pick a favorite.  Sublime gets my vote for ambiance.  It is truly in a league of its own.  For a quick meal at a reasonable price, My Choices Vegan Cafe gets my vote for best vegan lunch.  Its filling, delicious and a little less pricey than the other establishments. 

Jonah @ John U Lloyd Beach State Park

Addison & Uncle Jeff snorkeling

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