Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Your Mom's Update

It's pathetic, I know, but I'll never get enough Your Mom jokes.  Really. 

This is an update of my mom.  If you didnt read my previous blog post about her battle with diabetes, you can check it out HERE.

Just a quick update:
She had a doctors appointment yesterday and after a 30 battle with diabetes and only 4 months following the strict rules I gave her, her doctor told her .....and I quote... "Diabetes is no longer an issue for you". 

Did you hear that?  Of course not.  You're reading.  Well, just in case you learned to read yesterday, I'll say it again:

Less than 4 months ago she was told she needed insulin shots and would likely have to give herself injections for the rest of her life.  Her mother died of diabetes.  She was on her way down a similar road.  NOW WHAT, GENETICS?  NOW WHAT?!?  Stupid doctors. 

Granted, she followed my rules, but considering all of the damage that was already done, there was and still is damage control to do.  Her kidney's were failing and high potassium levels have become an issue.  We are taking care of that via diet also.  Since most veggies and fruis have some level of potassium and she eats a TON now, its hard...but she's doing awesome and her levels are dropping.

In addition, her cholesterol fell so much her doctors were astounded.

All in all, my mom is well and I am awesome.  Haha...jk (kinda).  ;)

Hooray for health and a higher quality of life! 


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